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Why Do You Need A Buyer's Agent

Most people at the time to buy property they ask this question to themselves, here are some answers that will help you to decide if you need an agent to help you...

As a buyer, why do you need a buyer's agent?

If you are planning to buy a property your buyer agent will help you to search for all the available properties that match your search criteria. He/she can send you updates from the MLS every day on new properties that just hit the market, prices updates and detailed information about each property for sale.

Let’s say that you find your dream property… your buyer agent can help you to calculate its market value, put together the offer contract and help you decide on the offering price and conditions. Real estate buyer's agents are experts in property negotiations with seller’s agents and property owners.

Your buyer agent will guide you from the initial property searching process all the way to the closing day (the day that the property title gets transfer into the buyers name), taking care of all the transaction details.

In most real estate transactions the commission to the buyer’s agent it’s offered by the seller, so by using the services of a professional real estate buyer's agent you have most to win and nothing to lose.

Specially is your buyer's agent offers you a substantial commission rebate, saving you thousands of dollars in your real estate transaction.

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